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Taletia Hindi Translation                                                                                                                               Taletia Hindi Translation
We are a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION for all your requirements regarding Document Translation with Hindi Translation Services. We translate each and everything, except matters requiring special terminological skills, such as Technical or Legal. Some of our special fields of work are Hindi Translation Services, Website Translation and Localization, Software Translation and Localization, Book Translation, Administrative Matters, Document Translations Services, Academic Materials, Project/Survey Reports etc. We undertake all general Translations, including but not limited to:

  Bullet   Hindi Translation Services /Correspondences/Letters     Bullet   Survey Reports
  Bullet   Administrative matters     Bullet   Budget matters
  Bullet   Press Releases     Bullet   Website Translation
  Bullet   TV /Radio Programs/Scripts     Bullet   Software Translation/Localization
  Bullet   Academic Materials     Bullet   Reviews and Reports
  Bullet   Speeches     Bullet   Text Books/Books/Children stories
  Bullet   Promotional Materials/ Advertisements     Bullet   All sorts of certificates
  Bullet   Project Reports     Bullet   Manuals/Guidelines
  Bullet   General Medical/General Legal     Bullet   Rules/Regulations
  Bullet   General Financial/General Technical     Bullet   Annual Reports/Audit Reports
  Bullet   Clinical Trials/Reports     Bullet   And so on…….

We also provide Document Tanslation Services for other major Indian and Foreign Languages.